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Consists of over 5 million feet of newsfilm from WSB-TV, Atlanta, Georgia. Footage covers the Civil Rights Movement, the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the political careers of Jimmy Carter, Julian Bond, Andrew Young, Maynard Jackson, Herman Talmadge, Lester Maddox, Carl Sanders, George Wallace, Richard Russell, William Hartsfield, and other prominent politicians. Some highlights from the footage are the 1961 desegregation of the University of Georgia, the 1961 Albany Movement, footage from the Orly Airport crash which killed 106 Atlanta arts patrons in Paris, and the 715th home run hit by Hank Aaron in 1974 to break the major league home run record. Other footage about transportation, the arts, business, people, land, sports, politics, and local events are also covered. Contains edited and raw footage. No televised newscasts are included.

Consists of over 1,600 film canisters containing multiple reels of raw news footage from WALB-TV Channel 10 in Albany, Georgia. Footage includes Martin Luther King, Jr. during the Albany Movement in 1961-62, as well as demonstrations surrounding his appearances and arrest there. Politicians appearing include Jimmy Carter, Sam Nunn, Herman Talmadge, Lester Maddox, Carl Sanders, George Wallace, Richard Russell, and Richard Nixon. Footage also contains Vietnam-era events in the region, local 1976 Bicentennial events coverage, coverage of the Georgia State Legislature, and many local topics such as agricultural issues, city commission meetings and human interest stories. No finished broadcast programs are included.

The collection consists of newsfilm clips from WRDW-TV in Augusta, Georgia. The clips date from 1961-1968, with additional footage from 1974 and 1976. Included is footage of Fort Gordon, Carl Sanders, Lyndon B. Johnson, Herman Talmadge, and several beauty pageants (including Miss America) and contestants.
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