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Audio recording of the presentation ceremony of John Marshall's quill pen to the University of Georgia.

Includes home movies, recordings from BBC, Egyptian broadcasts, and music.

Includes Robert Hilliard interviews on various news shows, Hamilton Redbirds, New Jersey Cardinals Hot Stove League dinner.

One audio recording of George Abney.

Includes episodes of Georgia Outdoors, Georgia Weekly, Sold Waste, University Forum, and other news appearances.

L.C. Radford Family and Cousins, Monroe, GA, 1933 video.

Consists primarily of complete episodes and components of Good Eats.

Films documenting travel to Mexico, Barbados, Nassau, England, and home.

Consists of 57 conversations with Andrew Avery

Includes interviews with Bettie Sellers.

Includes interviews with Eugene Odum, Milton Masciadri, Emory Thomas, and Daniel Quinn; Delta Prize ceremony and Creative Research Awards: Albert Christ-Janer Award; and the program Generation Gap: Has American Public Opinion Really Changed?

285 videotapes and reels of film consisting of personal recordings and television news reporting.

Includes audio and video recordings of Coleman Barks readings, interviews, and events plus recordings of his work by others.
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