"Santa Claus Parade - L.A., Birthdays, Martha as baby"

E.P. Clay Collection
Moving Image
16mm film
Created: October 19, 1930
Mix of Color and Black and white
Young woman holds birthday cake, sign behind her reads: "Just another birthday and "21" Ain't we got fun. Pickins, Miss. Oct." Next shot is a different woman with sign reading "Another birthday and Twenty-five, You'd be surprised. Mrs. Katherine Clay. Oct. 19, 1930. Pearl River Valley, Lbr Co. Near Carthage, Miss." After that, color footage at beach, sunsets, then at a Spanish-style house, family outdoors, girl on pony. Night scene, Christmas, neon lights, radio tower KFWB, Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood Christmas Parade at night. SUBMARINE D-1 on Warner Theater marquee; Ronald Coleman LOST HORIZON and Ritz Brothers on theater marquee