Panorama of the Lively Arts #981

Created: May 18, 1979
[NO PHYSICAL TAPE: Label unaccompanied by physical tape is available in collection's file folder] / Britain (BBC): Interview with British Film Star Diana Dors -- During the 1950's the British film industry's sex symbol was Diana Dors. She discusses the dramatic successes and failures which have marked her career and personal life. / Soviet Union (Radio Moscow): The Soviet Cinema's Father of Musical Comedy -- Film director Grigory Aleksandrov, who worked with Sergei Eisenstein and became a close friend of Charlie Chaplin, achieved fame with his first musical - "Jolly Fellows" - in 1934. "Circus" and "Volga, Volga," which followed, reaffirmed his greatness as a director, and his belief that singing makes a life fuller and happier.