Overseas Assignment #270 (Produced in London by the BBC)

Created: March 12, 1979
[NO PHYSICAL TAPE: Label unaccompanied by physical tape is available in collection's file folder] United States: What is the public's reception of President Carter's foreign policy? / Yemen and South Yemen: Efforts to unite are hampered by differences between the tribal north and the communist south. / Iran: The Ayatollah Khomeini, who has retired to the holy city of Qom, may continue to exert political influence. / Scotland and Wales: Results of a referendum on devolution showed Wales overwhelmingly negative, and Scotland marginally affirmative. / Rhodesia: White rule has ended, preceding the April elections. / Spain: The Centre Democratic Union faces four years as Spain's first elected government since inception of the new constitution. / The Horn of Africa: Border skirmishes continue between Ethiopia and Somalia. / Israel: The economy has suffered from the impact of the termination of relations with Iran.