Natural Living with Gary Null. [No. 2651], Vaccines: A Second Opinion. Part 8

Audio cassette
Broadcast: December 14, 2000


Natural Living with Gary Null. [No. 2651], Vaccines: A Second Opinion. Part 8
"For more than a hundred years, two basic assumptions have been put forth by public officials. One is that vaccines are safe. The second is that vaccines are effective for the conditions for which they're given. The public and our legislators have, by and large, accepted these assumptions as true, and as a result it is now compulsory in many states that children have as many as 33 inoculations before entering school, with some of these given as early as the first weeks of life. We've been told that the end of small pox, polio, and measles as serious health threats is due to mass inoculation programs, and again we have accepted that official dogma unquestioningly. But as we shall see here, this is not exactly the truth. What's more, a disturbing reality that has generally been unrecognized is the ever-growing number of individuals suffering adverse reactions to vaccinations. Yet because of underreporting of these troubling statistical links, a full picture of the effects of vaccination has not emerged. These individuals are predominantly infants and children. This investigation has required nearly five years of in-depth analysis, and a review of thousands of articles. I am not personally taking positions on individual vaccines, but I am, rather, presenting information based upon hard science including hundreds of references.

'This series will cover: Why we assume vaccines are safe and effective * Why we should question our assumptions * Why we need the right to choose * Vaccines are based upon Unsound Principles * Effects of specific vaccines * Provocation Disease."--2000 Peabody Awards entry form

Entry is 8 episodes of the subseries "Vaccines: A Second Opinion" on 8 tapes. This is episode 8.

Corporate Producers: Gary Null Productions
Persons Appearing: Gary Null (Reporter)
Broadcast Date: Dec. 14, 2000
Running Time: 1 hour

Related paper material including award sheet for producer Gary Null, headshot, documentary video flyer, informational sheets on Gary Null in entry folder in Hargrett Library.