Natural Living with Gary Null. [No. 2617], Deconstructing the Myth of AIDS. Part 2

Audio cassette
Broadcast: October 27, 2000


Natural Living with Gary Null. [No. 2617], Deconstructing the Myth of AIDS. Part 2
"This is an in-depth, investigative report on deconstructing the myth of AIDS offering people an alternative opinion and a different perspective on this subject. This report is based on over 15 years of reviewing the scientific literature interviewing thousands of individuals. I will show you that there is more than reasonable doubt that virtually everything we have been told about AIDS is inaccurate. In 1984 the world was told that HIV was responsible for AIDS. The media has kept us updated on their latest finding, while doctors and educators have continually warned us that our very lives may depend upon 'safe sex,' since the transmission of this infectious virus is certain to cause AIDS. What most of us fail to realize is that not everyone accepts the mainstream point of view. A growing number of critics, including leading virologists and Nobel Prize winning scientists, doctors, journalists, and other academicians, questions HIV's relationship to the diseases we term AIDS. Some argue the HIV has never been isolated; therefore, we have no proof of its existence. Others believe that HIV does exist, but that it can't possibly be doing everything that it is purported to do as it is merely one of 3,0000 retroviruses, none of which have ever been proven harmful. What these dissenters have in common is a belief in the need to re-evaluate the HIV=AIDS hypothesis.

'In this series, Gary Null will cover: Arguments Against the Existence of HIV * Arguments for a Harmless HIV * Alternative Hypotheses * Where Did HIV Originate * The Viral Contamination Theory * Promoting the Myth * Dissenting Journalists * Serious & Fatal Reactions from AIDS Drug Treatments * What Does the Future Hold'?"--2000 Peabody Awards entry form

Entry is 9 episodes of the subseries "Deconstructing the Myth of Aids" on 9 tapes. This is episode 2.

Corporate Producers: Gary Null Productions
Persons Appearing: Gary Null (Reporter)
Broadcast Date: Oct. 27, 2000
Running Time: 1 hour

Related paper material including award sheet for producer Gary Null, headshot, documentary video flyer, informational sheets on Gary Null in entry folder in Hargrett Library.