Weekend edition Sunday (Radio program). [2000-12-02--excerpt], Healing the Wound of Wounded Knee

Broadcast: December 2, 2000


Weekend edition Sunday (Radio program). [2000-12-02--excerpt], Healing the Wound of Wounded Knee
"Leonard Little Finger is the great-great-grandson of Chief Big Foot whose band of Lakota Sioux Indians were slaughtered at Wounded Knee in 1890. This radio documentary follows Little Finger as he repatriates a lock of hair, taken from Chief Big Foot's corpse after the battle, from a small museum in Barre, Massachusetts to the Pine Ridge Reservation. What follows is a four-day ceremony, the Freeing of the Soul, which was outlawed by the US government and has not been performed for over a century. This intimate and emotional story illustrates that for families of those killed at Wounded Knee, the tragedy is as fresh as if it happened yesterday.

"The Western Folklife Center works to tell stories that are often overlooked by national media. Pine Ridge is usually portrayed as the poster child of poverty in America. This story goes deeply into what a Lakota family is doing to heal a legacy that has stifled them for generations.

"Broadcast on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday as part of an entire show from South Dakota, this feature received incredible response. Susan Stamberg said it best when she wrote, 'I can't tell you how many Native American stories I've dozed through. This was the first that hit my heart and my mind. Close to perfection.'''--2000 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers/Broadcaster: National Public Radio (U.S.)

Persons Appearing: Hal Cannon (Reporter)

Broadcast Date: December 2, 2000
Running Time: 15:30

Entry is one segment on one tape. Related paper material including letter to Peabody awards, program credits, a compiled collection of comments and blurbs, program script, and second page of compiled comments titled, "Comments from Colleague's" in entry folder in Hargrett Library.