The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Audio cassette
Commercial version; ISBN: 1-57677-157-1


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - A Centennial Celebration
"The Wonderful World of Oz-A Centennial Celebration -- is the first complete audio dramatization of 'America's First Fairy-tale.' The Children's Museum of Los Angeles and Otherworld Media's Judith Walcutt and David Ossman, wished to re-establish the original Baum narrative in the minds of listeners young and old and to do so in the author's language and with a turn-of-the-20th-century feel to the musical underscore. To make this classic appealing to prospective radio listeners of all ages, casting included such distinguished stars as Annette Bening (as Glinda), John Goodman (as Guardian of the Gate), Harry Anderson (as The Wizard), Phyllis Diller (as the Wicked Witch) and Mark Hamill (as Munch the Munchkin). The principal roles are played by an integrated cast of Broadway, television and film actors: Robert Guillaume as the Cowardly Lion, Nestor Serrano as the Tin Woodman, Rene Auberjonois as the Scarecrow, and rising star Michelle Trachtenberg as Dorothy. They provide fresh and original characterizations and, along with a supporting cast of accomplished voice artists, vivid scenes of action brought to life from the famed original W.W. Denslow illustrations. Film-style technical production creates believable Ozian locations and brings such unfamiliar settings as 'The China Country' to life. Commentary by Oz fan Ray Bradbury helps to establish the value that the novel has had in triggering children's imaginations.'--2000 Peabody Awards entry form

Corporate Producers: The Children's Museum of Los Angeles; Broadcaster: Public Radio International; Broadcaster: Public Radio International

Related paper material including "2001 Lodestone" catalog, 2000 Children's Freedom Award program, radio program overview, cast list, credits, cast biographies, and commemorative glass pin in entry folder in Hargrett Library. Over-sized material consists of: complete transcript, commercial CD and cassette cases, and 16 page CD insert.

Persons Appearing: Ray Bradbury (Commentator) | Annette Bening (Performer) | John Goodman (Performer) | Harry Anderson (Performer) | Phyllis Diller (Performer) | Mark Hamill (Performer) | Robert Guillaume (Performer) | Nestor Serrano (Performer) | Rene Auberjonois (Performer) | Michelle Trachtenberg (Performer)

Uplinked October 31, 2000, aired nationally through January 31, 2001