Alice in Cyberspace--excerpts

Audio cassette
Broadcast: June 2000


Alice in Cyberspace--excerpts
Summary: Description: 'Alice in Cyberspace represents a bold new initiative in cross-platform programming between radio and the internet. It takes the unique qualities of radio drama storytelling, and creates from it a web counterpart that is not merely an adjunct to a broadcast, but is in reality parallel and complementary.

'The internet, particularly for children, can be a perilous place indeed. Underlying this project was a desire to create a critical context, through storytelling, fro what constitutes real or useful online information. We then took Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and gave them a third millennium spin. Rather than having our Alice fall down a rabbit hole or cross the threshold of a looking glass, we instead sent her hurtling down a datastream. Once in the world beyond her computer monitor, she meets updated and reconfigured versions of Lewis Carroll's original characters, reinterpreted to both reflect and comment satirically on the internet and the world wide web. Alice's encounters with them teach her more about herself and the web world around her, and bring her closer, step by step, to finding the way home.

'In total, we created 20 radio episodes and 5 'webisodes.' We are sending you 6 episodes from the full review for your consideration. Alice in Cyberspace in both its forms was enormously successful. The enthusiastic response from both listeners and users, parents and children, amply demonstrated that both new and old media can operate in concert to create entertaining and enlightening programming for children, the experience of which is far more rewarding than the sum of its parts.'--2000 Peabody Awards entry form

This is six radio episodes: Episodes 1, 2, 3, 6, 13, and 14 together on one audiocassette.

Corporate Producers: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Broadcast on CBC Radio A & E.

Broadcast Date: June 2000

Cast: Leah Cudmore (Alice); Diego Matamoros (Narrator). Additional credits in entry folder.