CBS Evening News (Television program). [2009-12-03--excerpt], Katie Couric Reports. The New Realities of Teen Dating

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CBS Evening News (Television program). [2009-12-03--excerpt], Katie Couric Reports. The New Realities of Teen Dating
Summary: "In this special segment 'The New Realities of Teen Dating', Katie Couric looks at the disturbing trend of escalating violence within teenage relationships and the steps being taken across the country to combat the problem.

"Through our research we discovered that nearly 30 percent of America's teens are the victims of sexual, emotional or physical abuse at the hands of their partners. Equally as troubling is the fact that the majority of parents and educators don't know how to effectively deal with the problem. Eighty-two percent of parents surveyed about dating violence felt confident that they could spot the warning signs in their own child. But in actuality, less than half could identify the problem.

"Because of this, we wanted to take a comprehensive look at the realities of dating violence through victims, the sometimes horrific consequences if left unchecked, the need for greater public awareness, and the availability of solutions ranging from state legislation, to hotlines to effective peer programs.

"The impact of this story on our viewers and the feedback from those involved in teen dating violence prevention has been striking. We ran the piece to coincide with the national 'It's Time to Talk Day' program which through a series of syndicated radio talk shows and print press raises national awareness on teen dating violence. We worked in conjunction with scores of CBS affiliates and radio stations in helping develop local angle stories to dovetail into our coverage. Additionally, the program prompted schools around the country to run special curriculums that day on teen dating violence. In Phoenix, AZ alone, 17 schools participated in 'It's Time to Talk Day' which combined with our local affiliate's supplementary coverage led to a 28 percent increase in ratings for the CBS Evening News in Phoenix that night - all a result of the cross-community/CBS network awareness program.

"We also received feed back from the Love Is Respect/Liz Claiborne teen dating violence campaign saying, 'we have worked on so many of these stories and seen so many of them 'and truly you added such value to the story'sending the message that prevention is possible and education must be essential for teens.'

"In the days following our report, calls and chats into the National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline tripled which they've attributed to our story.

"And calls were made by Maine and Colorado legislators to Ann Burke (responsible for the RI teen dating violence awareness Lindsay Ann Burke Act) who wanted to know how they could go about implementing teen dating violence laws in their states. Perhaps the impact is best summed up by a group of viewers from RI who emailed us to say, 'It (the story) was awesome. Thank you for taking the time to highlight the issue. The parents I watched it with were shocked by the stats and information.'"--2009 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: CBS News | CBS Television Network

Persons Appearing: Katie Couric (Anchor; Correspondent)

Broadcast Date: 2009-12-03