Al Jazeera English News. [2009--excerpts], Breaking News and Ongoing Coverge of Israel's War in Gaza

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Created: 2009


Al Jazeera English News. [2009--excerpts], Breaking News and Ongoing Coverge of Israel's War in Gaza
Summary: "Al Jazeera English (AJE) is proud to submit a sampling of the channel's coverage of Israel's war in Gaza for consideration in the News category.

"It's been an exciting year for Al Jazeera English. All news channels have a story that defines them, makes their name and imprints the channel on the consciousness of the viewer and fellow journalists. For Al Jazeera English that story was Israel's war in Gaza. This was a classic scoop as AJE was the only foreign network in Gaza when the border was closed.

"Operation Cast Lead started with Israel's air strikes against Hamas on a quiet Saturday morning in Gaza on 27th December 2008 and lasted throughout most of January 2009. AJE had expected something would happen for weeks, increasing coverage in Gaza by sending in a second team before the Israelis closed the border to journalists.

"Due to the closed borders, there were few eye-witness accounts from Gazans, let alone Western Journalists. Al Jazeera was the only foreign TV channel reporting from Gaza. While other networks reported from Jerusalem or a field in southern Israel, Al Jazeera was reporting from the frontline, from the streets, in the homes and hospitals of Gaza as well as from various points throughout Israel. While other networks relied on agency picture, AJE's teams were out filing eyewitness reports.

"AJE correspondents in Gaza, Ayman Mohyeldin and Sherine Tadros, worked tirelessly to present the stories of the war -- the military campaign fought by both sides but also the huge death toll among Gaza's civilian population. They documented women and children caught up in the war, as well as the terrible scenes in Gaza's under-resourced hospitals.

"Correspondent Sherine Tadros writes: 'Our small team worked around the clock for 23 days to show viewers raw and uncut what was happening in Gaza at a time when no other English speaking channel could.'

"As you will see in this compilation of footage, AJE's coverage starts when the first bombs fall. Ayman was soon up in-vision pointing out the plumes of smoke rising over Gaza City. Throughout the conflict his calm, assured live reporting from his rooftop position in Gaza laid out the story for the whole world.

"In a series of powerful packages Sherine brought out the human stories from the war zone. With her piece on the Samouni family, Al Jazeera was the first English channel to highlight one of the key stories of the war. This situation is now being examined as a possible war crime.

"Ayman and Sherine worked almost non-stop for more than 3 weeks filing for Al Jazeera English, Al Jazeera partner networks, on-line and also for other media organizations who were desperate to gain access to a story they couldn't tell themselves.

"Committed to showing all sides of the story, AJE's reporters across Israel added depth and perspective to the coverage. Reporting from all sides of the conflict, inside Gaza, across Israel, interviewing both military and government officials daily, AJE truly covered all sides of the war.

"The entry shows live reporting and packages from inside Gaza and Israel as AJE charted the progress of the war."--2009 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: Al Jazeera English

Persons Appearing: Ayman Mohyeldin | Sherine Tadros

Broadcast Date: 2009