Vortex 2: The Great Tornado Hunt

Moving Image
Created: 2009


Vortex 2: The Great Tornado Hunt
Summary: "'Vortex 2: The Great Tornado Hunt' was a 2 month long research project with some of the best scientists and meteorologists in the nation. The goal was to find a live tornado and study it from inception to dissipation, learn more about how these deadly acts of nature form and, subsequently, how to develop early warning systems and save lives. The Weather Channel traveled with this group of scientists and meteorologists every day for almost two months. In June of 2009, the Vortex 2 project and The Weather Channel captured a live tornado on the plains of Wyoming. We broadcast non-stop, live coverage as the tornado formed, moved, and died within a span of roughly half an hour. This entry contains our live programming during the formation of that live tornado."--2009 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: Weather Channel (Television station : Atlanta, Ga.)

Persons Appearing: Mike Better | Greg Forbes

Broadcast Date: 2009-06-25