ABC News Special Event. [2009-01-20], Inauguration 2009 - Barack Obama

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Created: 2009


ABC News Special Event. [2009-01-20], Inauguration 2009 - Barack Obama
Summary: "On January 20th, 2009, ABC devoted 17 hours of coverage to the Inauguration of President Barack Obama. From the moment Good Morning America began broadcasting live from Capitol Hill at 7:00 a.m. until Nightline signed off just after midnight, ABC captured the pageantry, excitement and historic significance of the day's events with correspondents and cameras positioned throughout the capital, across the country and around the world.

"As a record-breaking crowd gathered on the National Mall, Good Morning America kicked off our coverage with Diane Sawyer, Robin Roberts, Chris Cuomo and Sam Champion in the heart of the action. Following GMA, Diane Sawyer joined Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos anchoring from the Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue, overlooking the U.S. Capitol.

"ABC's incomparable team of anchors and correspondents added context, depth and historical perspective to the memorable images of the day. Our coverage built upon the solid foundation of two years of in-depth reporting on the candidates and issues of the campaign and the immense challenges facing the new administration and our nation as a whole.

"ABC's coverage was enhanced by a diverse group of political analysts, insiders, historians and guests, including such notable figures as former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Rev. Jesse Jackson, senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, and the filmmaker and activist Spike Lee.

"ABC's cameras captured emotional reaction in live feeds from around the world; we watched events unfold with community activists in Selma, Alabama, and at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis; with enthusiastic crowds in Harlem; even in Obama's ancestral village in Kenya and boyhood school in Indonesia.

"ABC News also led the competition when unexpected news broke in the middle of the day: Sen. Ted Kennedy suffered a seizure and was rushed to the hospital. ABC's Senior Congressional Correspondent Jonathan Karl reported live from the Capitol Rotunda, just outside the room where Kennedy was stricken, and was first with eyewitness reports and interviews with Kennedy's fellow Senators.

"Live coverage continued with the Inaugural parade through 6:30 p.m., followed by a 90-minute edition of World News with Charles Gibson and then our exclusive broadcast from the Neighborhood Ball, which gave millions of viewers a front-row seat at the premiere event of the Inaugural celebrations.

"Amid the festivities, ABC's Robin Roberts conducted the first interview with the new President about what the day meant to him and the challenges that lay ahead.

"Our coverage culminated in prime time with A Moment in History: The Inauguration of Barack Obama and finally Nightline with Terry Moran and Cynthia McFadden, featuring more great moments from the Inaugural Balls and all the highlights of this extraordinary day.

"We are proud to submit ABC's coverage of this historic event: Inauguration 2009 for your consideration."--2009 Peabody Awards entry form.

This is ABC News continuing coverage of the inauguration of Barack Obama from 9:30a.m. - 6:30p.m., as described above.

Corporate Producers: ABC News | ABC Television Network

Persons Appearing: Charles Gibson (Correspondent) | Diane Sawyer (Anchor) | Charles Gibson (Anchor) | George Stephanopoulos (Anchor)

Broadcast Date: 2009-01-20