ABC News. 2009-08--excerpts, Remembering Ted Kennedy 1932-2009

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Created: 2009


ABC News. 2009-08--excerpts, Remembering Ted Kennedy 1932-2009
Summary: "Shortly after 1 a.m. on August 26, 2009, ABC was the first to break the news that Senator Ted Kennedy, an icon of American politics and the last Kennedy brother of his generation, had died at his home in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, after more than a year-long battle with brain cancer. That initial report, anchored by Nightline's Terry Moran with reporting by ABC's Chief Washington Correspondent George Stephanopoulos, set the tone for several days of special coverage that followed.

"As events unfolded throughout the week, ABC News imparted a deep understanding of Kennedy's place in American history. Our coverage was led by the uniquely qualified anchor team of Charles Gibson -- a former Capitol Hill correspondent who had covered Ted Kennedy since the 1970's -- and Diane Sawyer, who had interviewed the Senator and other members of the Kennedy clan. George Stephanopoulos contributed his exceptional knowledge and personal insights into the ways of Washington and the role Kennedy played over the years.

"In a prime time special, Remembering Ted Kennedy, the evening of August 26th, ABC News recounted Kennedy's extraordinary life story -- his accomplishments and failures, triumphs and tragedies -- in full historical context. The program featured interviews with some of Kennedy's longtime friends as well as journalists and political analysts who'd followed his career for decades.

"Our coverage continued the following day as President Obama joined Americans from all walks of life in paying respects to the man known as the 'Lion of the Senate.'

"On the day of Kennedy's funeral, August 29th, ABC News was there for the poignant ceremony when his casket departed the John F. Kennedy Library and the somber moment when it arrived at the church where the service would be held.

"ABC's coverage brought home all the emotion of the funeral mass and eulogies. Anchor Charles Gibson was joined by George Stephanopoulos, Terry Moran, a team of ABC News correspondents, and guest Susan Milligan of the Boston Globe, who covered Kennedy for years and co-authored the book 'Last Lion: The Fall and Rise of Ted Kennedy.' Their reporting and commentary gracefully enhanced viewers' understanding of events and was supplemented by the judicious use of archival photos and video clips -- including some seen exclusively on ABC.

"We returned to the air one final time as Kennedy's funeral cortege rolled through the streets of Washington to Arlington National Cemetery, where Kennedy was laid to rest alongside his brothers at dusk.

"Correspondents and analysts featured in our coverage include:

  • David Muir at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port
  • Ron Claiborne along the route of the funeral procession in Boston
  • John Berman at the funeral service
  • Kate Snow at the John F. Kennedy Library
  • Senior Congressional Correspondent Jonathan Karl, who covered Kennedy for years and attended the funeral as a guest of the Kennedy family
  • Boston Globe reporter Susan Milligan, co-author of 'Last Lion: The Fall and Rise of Ted Kennedy'

"ABC News is pleased to submit coverage of the death of Senator Ted Kennedy for your consideration."--2009 Peabody Awards entry form.

This is a series of ABC News Special Reports broadcast on August 26-27, 2009.

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Persons Appearing: Charles Gibson (Anchor) | Diane Sawyer (Anchor) | Terry Moran (Anchor) | George Stephanopoulos (Correspondent) | David Muir | Ron Claiborne | John Berman | Kate Snow | Jonathan Karl | Susan Milligan

Broadcast Date: 2009-08-26 -- 2009-08-27