Dr. Phil (Television program). [2009-10-14], Guilty Moms

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Created: 2009


Dr. Phil (Television program). [2009-10-14], Guilty Moms
Summary: "DR. PHIL FOUNDATION SHOW: Over half a million kids live in foster care, and many are neglected, unloved and viewed as a paycheck by their new family. Dr. Phil takes a hard look at the harsh realities these forgotten kids face and sends an urgent message about the need to repair this ailing system.

"REINVENT YOURSELF: In these devastating economic times, companies are closing their doors, and millions of Americans have found themselves out of work. One of the cities hardest hit by the recession is Detroit, Michigan where the unemployment rate has skyrocketed to 24 percent. Dr. Phil goes on location in Motor City to talk to families in serious financial despair.

"GUILTY MOMS:Should mothers stay at home with their young children, or should they pursue a career? Dr. Phil meets a guest who criticizes other mothers for entering the workplace, and a mom of three who says she can't wait to go back to work.

"GIRL WORLD: When it comes to bullying, it's not longer just a boy's world -- more and more girls are becoming aggressors and victims. Dr. Phil talks about the warning signs to look for and about how parents can protect their daughter's self-esteem.

"WHAT NO ONE WANTS TO ADMIT: Dr. Phil tackles hidden racial biases, and he has help from a panel of experts. The group busts racial stereotypes and addresses the attacks many feel have been launched against President Obama."--2009 Peabody Awards entry form.

This is the episode "Guilty Moms."

Corporate Producers: Peteski Productions | CBS Television Distribution Group

Persons Appearing: Phil McGraw (Host)

Broadcast Date: 2009-10-14