60 Minutes (Television program). [2009-09-27--excerpt], McChrystal

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Created: 2009


60 Minutes (Television program). [2009-09-27--excerpt], McChrystal
Summary: "The 60 Minutes profile of General Stanley McChrystal by National Security Correspondent David Martin and Producer Mary Walsh aired at the beginning of President Obama's review of U.S. strategy in Afghanistan and became one of the touchstone stories for the remainder of the debate.

"In his first network interview since taking over as commander in Afghanistan, McChrystal told Martin that things were worse than he anticipated, that he had only talked to the President once, and that he would not hesitate to tell the President if he thought the U.S. couldn't win. He also was brutally frank about the bad habits acquired by American troops over the years which alienated them from the Afghan population and had to be eliminated if the U.S. hopes to succeed. The profile was based on unprecedented access to McChrystal's work day, sitting in on staff meetings and video conferences in which he made candid remarks about the need to eliminate civilian casualties and his frustrations with the Pentagon bureaucracy. Martin traveled with MCchrystal to forward operating bases where he bluntly told troops they weren't making progress fast enough.

"McChrystal has since become a household name -- runner up for Time's Man of the year -- but he and his thinking about the war were virtually unknown before this profile ran. It was a revealing portrait, not just of a one of a kind commander but of a whole new way of fighting the war in Afghanistan."--2009 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: CBS News | CBS Television Network

Persons Appearing: David Martin (Correspondent) | Stanley McChrystal (Interviewee)

Broadcast Date: 2009-09-27