CBS evening news (Television program). [2008-04--excerpts], AIDS in the African American Community

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Created: 2008


CBS evening news (Television program). [2008-04--excerpts], AIDS in the African American Community
Summary: "There is a quiet epidemic occurring across the southern parts of this country. Silent because many refuse to acknowledge it and others

"Hesitate to do anything about it. This aptly describes the crisis of HIV/AIDS in the African-American community on a whole; but, particularly in the south.

"The statistics are enough to give anyone pause -- half of new infections, the rate of deaths each alarming. However, what is more disturbing is the fact that the solution doesn't reside in more medical treatment but tackling the cultural issues that surround the disease in these communities. This is why Randall Pinkston's two-part series on HIV/AIDS in the South is deserving of recognition. It provides a stark and honest view from advocacy groups and medical centers into what is called, 'the stigma' surrounding alternative lifestyles of men and the impact it has on them and their female partners. Pinkston also examined the actions of the Black Church, long seen as the catalyst for social change in this country. That institution has been slow to address this issue but some are starting to see the proverbial light and even give sermons and testing to anyone in the pews. It's a struggle but without it, there will be no progress."--2008 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: CBS News | CBS Television Network

Persons Appearing: Randall Pinkston

Broadcast Date: August 16-17, 2008