CBS evening news (Television program). [2008--excerpts], Postville Series

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Created: 2008


CBS evening news (Television program). [2008--excerpts], Postville Series
Summary: "CBS News reports on an immigration raid on a kosher meat-packing plant in Northern Iowa - the largest raid of its kind that swept up 400 undocumented workers in a single day. Overnight, tiny Postville, Iowa lost a third of its population. In this first of three stories, Sawyer examines the impact on the town and on the 40 women who, along with their children were forced to remain in Postville, wearing an ankle-bracelet GPS tracking device, while they await trial. Two months after the raid, unable to work, their husbands detained in jail, with no income, the families were completely dependent on a local Catholic parish church for their food, housing and medical care. This segment also featured a worker who claimed that she had witnessed plant managers helping undocumented workers acquire false identity and social security papers. July 20, 2008

"In part two, Russ Mitchell reports on how Agriprocessors, the meat-packing company accused of staffing three-quarters of its workforce with undocumented workers, is also being investigated by state and federal agencies for mistreating it''s employees, hiring minors, and refusing to pay its overtime or severance pay. The segment features a local priest who says it was the dirtiest, unsafest plant he had ever been in. July 27, 2008

"In part three, CBS returned to Postville six months after the raid to find the town seeking emergency relief - not from a natural disaster, but a man-made one. 75 Guatemalan and Mexican men, women and children were still wearing ankle bracelets; awaiting trial or being held as witnesses to testify in civil and criminal cases against a now-bankrupt Agriprocessors. Seth Doane reports on how the town is reeling after the plant shut down, leaving hundreds [dependent] on food pantries, unable to pay their utilities or make their house payments. Nov. 23, 2008"--2008 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: CBS News | CBS Television Network

Persons Appearing: Forrest Sawyer (Reporter) | Russ Mitchell (Reporter) | Seth Doane (Reporter)

Broadcast Date: July 19 - November 29, 2008