Early Show (Television program). [2008-11--excerpts], Identity Theft

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Created: 2008


Early Show (Television program). [2008-11--excerpts], Identity Theft
Summary: "Someone's identity is stolen every three seconds in this country. In the world of identity theft, crooks are buying and selling credit cards, bank accounts, social security numbers'and making billions. In this three part series Susan Koeppen takes a look at [i]dentity theft as you have never seen it before. Part one Susan Koeppen goes into the underground world of identity theft and enters the secret online chat rooms, where scammers go to buy and sell social security numbers, credit card information, bank account numbers and much more. She talks with one of these scammers on line, drops a credit card in one of these chat rooms to see how fast your money can disappear and reveals to one woman the information Koeppen found being sold about her in these chat rooms. Part two thieves could be using your information to steal thousands of dollars from others. Koeppen interviews one man whose picture was stolen and used to scam women out of thousands of dollars. She talks to him about his struggle to get his face back and talks to some of the women who were scammed. And finally part three is about how someone could be using your information to be getting medical treatment and leaving you with the bill'medical ID theft. Koeppen talks to a man whose information has been used by someone else to get medical treatment across the country and left him footing the bill."--2008 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: CBS Television Network | CBS News

Persons Appearing: Susan Koeppen (Reporter)

Broadcast Date: November 17-19, 2008