Metropolitan Opera HD live. [No. 11, 2008-03-15], Peter Grimes

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Created: 2008


Metropolitan Opera HD live. [No. 11, 2008-03-15], Peter Grimes
Summary: "When the Metropolitan Opera presented its sold-out Opening Night Gala starring Ren'e Fleming on September 22, 2008, more than 100,000 opera fans gathered in movie theaters from Memphis to Mexico City to experience the extraordinary event. The evening marked the launch of the third season of The Met: Live in HD, the company's groundbreaking initiative to bring the highest-quality opera performances live to a global public. The Los Angeles Times has written, 'The Met's experiment of merging film with live performance has created a new art form.' The series also has helped to revolutionize the way that people can experience not only opera, but the performing arts. Its far-reaching effect can be seen in companies -- ranging from Broadway musical theaters to international opera companies -- who are now creating their own HD productions.

"In 2009, the Met won a special Emmy award for 'advancing technology through ongoing, live, global transmission of high-definition programming to movie theaters.' During the 2007-08 season, the series reached approximately 935,000 people -- more than the number of people who saw performances in the opera house over an entire season. Now seen in over 850 theaters in 31 countries, The Met: Live in HD is expected to reach 1.3 million people around the world this season. A recent survey indicates that the Met's transmissions help to build new audiences for live opera performances; the company has used these programs as the foundation for an unusual education program in New York City schools.

"Using robotic cameras and state-of-the-art technology, Live in HD'hosted by opera stars'captures the action from interesting angles and heightens attention to the narrative elements of both performance and production. Behind-the-scenes features, live interviews with cast and crew, insightful short documentaries and bird's-eye views of the productions offer an unprecedented look at what goes into the staging of an opera at one of the world's great houses.

"Three transmissions exemplify the high production values and innovative features of the series:

"John Adams's 'Doctor Atomic' (11/8/08) -- The series brought an important work of one of America's leading artists to a worldwide audience -- in an opera that tackled a watershed event in history. The transmission featured live interviews with the Pulitzer-Prize winning composer and the singer portraying J. Robert Oppenheimer, in addition to a pre-produced historical feature about the man behind the atomic bomb.

"Humperdinck's 'Hansel and Gretel' (1/1/08) -- Performed in English and designed as family entertainment, this opera was instrumental in bringing the art form to a younger audience. The transmission featured inventive camera work, capturing the food fight from a unique, on-stage perspective, as well as a behind-the-scenes look how a slim tenor was transformed into a grotesque witch.

"Berlioz's 'La Damnation de Faust' (11/22/08) -- This new production of this rarely-performed work, staged by visionary director Robert Lepage, used video projections to create interactive, illusory sets. The HD event pushed the boundaries of technology by transmitting this virtual environment into movie theaters."--2008 Peabody Awards entry form.

This is No. 11, Peter Grimes.

Corporate Producers: Metropolitan Opera (New York, N.Y.)

Persons Appearing: Donald Runnicles (Conductor) | Patricia Racette (Cast (Ellen Orford)) | Anthony Dean Griffey (Cast (Peter Grimes)) | Anthony Michaels-Moore (Cast (Balstrode))

Broadcast Date: March 15, 2008