Camino a La Universidad. [No. 2, 2008-09-27], Tu vida universitaria

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Created: 2008


Camino a La Universidad. [No. 2, 2008-09-27], Tu vida universitaria
Summary: "Univision-23 produced two special programs, 'Camino a la Universidad' (On the Road to College) and 'Camino a la Universidad: Tu Vida Universitaria' (On the Road to College: Your Life at College', which aired on Saturday, Sept. 20, 2008 and Saturday, Sept. 27, 2008 respectively at 11:30 am. The half-hour programs aim at helping future college students during the process of applying to college and financial aid and also during their adaptation to college.

"The shows are both hosted by Univision 23's 'Noticias 23' education reporter Maria Fernanda L'pez and promote higher education among the Hispanics.

"The first show of the 'On the Road to College' special programming highlights the importance of obtaining a college degree. The show also gives viewers tips on how to apply to colleges and financial aid and explains the application process step-by-step.

"During the second show, 'On the Road to College: Your Life at College' college students and graduates give viewers an idea of what to expect upon entering college life, the obstacles faced, the positive and negative experiences that news students frequently encounter. Also, during this program, experts give tips on how to choose a career and talk about some of the professions in highest demand.

"At Univision it is of the utmost importance that our Hispanic community excels. Unfortunately, statistics show that the percentage of Hispanics who graduate from college and universities is lower in comparison to other demographic groups. For this reason, through these two programs 'On the Road to College' and 'On the Road to College: Your Life at College', Univision-23 hopes to promote the importance of a university degree among our viewers.

"During the production of the shows, many experts and important public figures were interviewed. Eduardo Padr'n, President of Miami-Dade College, Modesto A. Maidique, President of Florida International University and, Anitere Flores, State Representative and a member of the Florida K-12 committee are among these experts. Also, interviews with students of all levels are the key elements that allow the 'Camino a la Universidad' programs to offer a window into the real-life experiences lived by college students and applicants."--2008 Peabody Awards entry form.

This is part 2 as described above.

Corporate Producers: UnivisioĢn (Television network)

Persons Appearing: Maria Fernanda Lopez (Host)

Broadcast Date: September 27, 2008