Early show (Television program). [2007-07-24--excerpt], Sand Holes

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Created: 2007


Early show (Television program). [2007-07-24--excerpt], Sand Holes
Summary: "Summertime is beach time for millions of American families. Digging holes in the sand has been a beach activity enjoyed by young and old for years. But, those holes can dangerous -- they can even be deadly. In her report 'Sand Holes', consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen exposes the danger. Here's the problem -- sand holes, even holes just a couple of feet deep, can collapse around those playing in them. Once under the sand, it is impossible for a person to dig themselves out. They can then suffocate.

"In 'Sand Holes', Koeppen speaks to two parents who almost lost their son to a sand hole. During a vacation to the beach, their young son was playing on the beach and then suddenly disappeared. They had no idea that he had been swallowed by a sand hole by their towel. By a stroke of luck, a passerby noticed a dent in the sand and reached in -- she felt the top of the young boy's head and started to dig. 10 minutes later he was pulled out -- ALIVE! Koeppen also shows the rescue of a young girl on Martha's Vineyard captured on tape. And to take it one step further, Koeppen is buried in a sand hole to feel for herself just how hard it is to move and breathe once the sand collapses around you.

"'Sand holes' is a unique story, told in a creative way with a very important message. It is a story that will open the eyes of anyone who has even been to the beach or dug a hole in the sand."--2007 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: CBS News | CBS Television Network

Persons Appearing: Susan Koeppen (Correspondent)

Broadcast Date: 24-Jul-07