The Early Show. [2001-01--excerpts], Tsunami

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Betacam SX
Created: 2005


The Early Show. [2001-01--excerpts], Tsunami
Summary: "As soon as the devastating Tsunami hit the island nation of Sri Lanka, reporters rushed to the scene to report on the death and destruction. As soon as the shock of the situation was over, many reporters went home but that is when The Early Show's Harry Smith arrived. Now more than two weeks after the tsunami hit Harry was there to witness the aftermath of the devastation, mourn the dead, and watch the Sri Lankan people rebuild their lives.

"Harry walked through the streets of Unawatuna, a beach town on the coast of Sri Lanka where children climbed trees in order to survive the tsunami while their parents were washed away. Three hundred people died in Unawatuna and Harry was there as a group of Buddhist priest arrived to offer prayers for the many who dies and did not receive a proper burial. He also spoke to Marines who were doing what the villagers couldn't, using their heavy equipment to clear debris and Doctors who were aiding the sick."--2005 Peabody Awards entry form

Corporate Producers: CBS News | CBS Television Network

Persons Appearing: Harry Smith (Reporter)

Broadcast Date: January 10-11 & 13, 2005