Hurricane Katrina. Continuing Coverage

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Created: 2005


Hurricane Katrina. Continuing Coverage
Summary: "'Exceptional coverage' -- 'great reporting' -- 'super job.' Those are just some of the words CBS radio affiliates have used to describe CBS Radio News coverage of Hurricane Katrina.

"CBS Radio News Correspondents Cami McCormick and Jim Krasula were already in New Orleans when Katrina hit the area on August 29. Their reports, along with those from CBS News correspondents assigned to television, CBS affiliate WWL, and CBS Radio reporters stationed elsewhere along the gulf coast, provided vivid and emotional descriptions of the storm's terrible consequences.

"CBS Radio News began to provide as many as six broadcasts an hour on this rapidly developing story as soon as the hurricane approached shore, live coverage of various news conferences, and several one-hour and half-hour specials that focused on all angles of this horrific, dramatic, yet very challenging story.

"Our reporters visited all areas affected by this tragedy. They were not re-reading wire reports in hotel rooms. They lived the story themselves. Several members of our staff were embedded with military units performing rescue operations. They toured areas off limits to residents. They enabled those left stranded by the storm to communicate with relatives the news they were alive. Others traveled with evacuees as they tried to settle into new homes in other parts of the country.

"For almost two weeks, CBS Radio News broadcast the name of a child missing from the New Orleans area on every hourly broadcast. Of the 200 children featured, 165 were reunited with family members by late September. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, CBS News was directly responsible for 'the lion's share' of those reunifications.

"Examples of our coverage are contained on three compact discs. We will include explanations of the contents of each CD."--2005 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: CBS Radio News

Broadcast Date: 29-Aug-05