I-Witness. [2004-07-19], The Last Princess

Moving Image
Betacam SP
Created: 2004


I-Witness. [2004-07-19], The Last Princess
Summary: "In the island of Panay, in southern Philippines, a most unusual kind of 'princess' is found. From early childhood, she is kept in a special room with a hammock inside the house away from the rays of the sun and from the public eye. She is treated like a princess, but she is caged. She is regarded in the tribe as the proverbial keeper of the lore. All day long she practice in the room the song about the history, mythology and oral traditions of her tribe. She is invited to sing in tribal festivals and rituals.

"With the onset of modernization though, and the growing maturity and consciousness of women, the custom of keeping binukots is slowly dying. Which is more important: to preserve one's culture or to exercise one's right to choose and be free? "--2004 Peabody Awards entry form

Corporate Producers: GMA Network, Inc.

Broadcast Date: 19-Jul-04