KBS Special Documentary: The Mystery of the KAL858 Bombing

Moving Image
Betacam Digital (DigiBeta)
Created: 2004


KBS Special Documentary: The Mystery of the KAL858 Bombing
Summary: "-After the broadcasting of this program...

'One of the most hidden and untold mysteries of modern Korean history, the bombing of Korean Air 858 in 1987 was a taboo to most Koreans for about 15 years. With a brave and bold attempt to solve this mystery, KBS aired this program. It drew more ratings than expected and after it was aired, public wanted harshly the opening of the secret file of the case. The prosecutors general who refused to open all the case files regarding the case, gave up to the public anger. This program is sure to be a epoch-making change to modern Korean history and demonstrated a courage and sincerity, and thus worth winning the distinguished Peabody Awards.

'[On] November 29, 1987, Korean Air 858 took off Baghdad bound for Seoul via Abu Dahbi, and it suddenly disappeared on Myanmar sea. At that time, Korea was a harsh military dictatorship for 25 years. However, as a result of public demonstrations and anti-dictatorship protests, the direct Presidential Election was restored and at the time of the incident, Korea was under that direct Presidential Election. A north-Korean espionage was suspected and the government hurriedly concluded the case and captured 2 suspects from north Korea. 1 took suicide and 1 woman was captured and brought to Korea just on the Election Day which might give a substantial influence to the election favorably to the military government.

'But there were lots of inconsistencies and irrationalities. As time goes by, people gets more dubious about the whole accident and... "--2004 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: KBS (Korean Broadcasting System)

Persons Appearing: Richard Kim (Narrator)

Broadcast Date: 22-May-04