P.O.V. Borders. [2004-02-10], Environment

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Created: 2004


P.O.V. Borders. [2004-02-10], Environment
Summary: "P.O.V.'s Borders is PBS's first Web-original series, challenging site visitors to transcend their individual borders and broaden their perspectives on contemporary issues through innovative storytelling, digital artwork and interactive media. The Environment episode explores how the individual choices we make shape our environment, drawing on stories from across the country within the framework of three basic elements -- earth, air and water. The series showcases different media, including radio, interactive community spaces, games and video, along with invited guests who write online diaries and answer questions on a range of topics, from garbage to global warming. The site features issue-based curricular material to aid educators in using Web features in the classroom, as well as giveaways, quizzes, factoids, polls, useful links and ample chances for users to post their points of view. The main goal of this online-only series is to experiment with non-fiction storytelling and collaborative citizen journalism in the interactive space. We want to explore ways of telling stories that are only possible online. Rather than presenting a Web series that consists mainly of edited, streaming video files, P.O.V.'s Borders invites visitors to co-author their experience through dialogue, personal documentation, feedback and other interactive features, integrating the Web's capacity for access and wide distribution with its enormous potential for interactivity. One example of innovation is the use of an experiential game to present the perspective of a 73-year old Canadian farmer in his legal battle with Monsanto. Users can click on 'About' to get the full story and links to interviews and news updates, but the idea is for users to 'be' the farmer and then go talk about the issues in the community garden. We polled the environmental community to choose the issues covered -- biodiversity, air quality, the commodification and pollution of water, endangered species, garbage and global warming. The content and discussion about the consequences of personal choices on the environment are vital to effecting change in personal habits and public policy. We strove to tell these stories in an engaging, entertaining way with the hope that visitors would leave the site transformed and empowered with new information and perspectives on issues that impact them in their everyday lives. With a dual focus on general audience and educational use, the online series facilitates unique strategic and sustained partnerships between content providers and content users. P.O.V.'s Borders provides a powerful model for connecting with and engaging individuals in a direct manner in which they become co-creators of the content. They are 'talking back' and talking with each other, and in the process, they become a part of the story."--2004 Peabody Awards entry form

This is the episode, "Environment."

Corporate Producers: P.O.V. (Firm) | American Documentary, Inc. | Public Broadcasting Service (U.S.)

Broadcast Date: 2004-02-10