CTV News. 2003--excerpts, Surrey Woman Kidnapping Follow-up

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Created: 2003


CTV News. 2003--excerpts, Surrey Woman Kidnapping Follow-up
Summary: "The first thing 20 year old AJ saw when she awoke in the early hours of May 8th, was a shotgun pointed at her head.

"A former boyfriend, Ernie Meigs, was hovering above, shouting for her to get out of bed. So began a terrifying 28 hour ordeal which included kidnapping, sexual assaults and death threats. A Canada wide man-hunt was launched, and a frantic search for AJ began.

"CTV Vancouver news reporters Julia Foy and Michele Brunoro were first on the scene of the crime, and in the following hours, weeks and months continued to be leaders in breaking news and investigative stories on this extraordinary case.

Within hours of the kidnapping, CTV Vancouver uncovered information that Meigs had been arrested for committing similar crimes in the U.S. Our news team tracked down his first victim, and conducted an exclusive interview. We also found his biological father who made an emotional plea for Meigs to turn himself in.

"After AJ managed a daring escape, and with the accused still armed and on the loose, CTV reporter Julia Foy was chosen to help tell her dramatic story. The interview was in such demand, it ran on every major T.V. news [program], radio station and newspaper in British Columbia, and across Canada.

"A week later after almost dying in the woods, Meigs turned himself in.

"Over the coming months reporter Michele Brunoro developed a correspondence with him, which eventually lead to an exclusive jailhouse interview. The interview was so important Crown Counsel lawyers seized the tape and used portions of it during Meigs trial this past fall.

"This story is not over. Meigs will be sentenced in February on 12 charges including kidnapping, unlawful confinement, assault, and sexual assault with a weapon.

"AJ and her family are looking forward to getting their lives back after an emotionally and physically devastating 18 months.

"After the trial is over, a riveting interview with Meigs will be broadcast which includes confessions of his crimes. A copy of that story will be forwarded to the Peabody committee. For legal reasons, during the trial the victim in this case was not referred to by name as she was in the early broadcasts. For our purposes we are now referring to her as AJ.

"This series of stories deserves recognition because of the level of skill, and perseverance it took to provide outstanding coverage and insightful investigative pieces which took viewers on a compelling journey."--2003 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: CTV Vancouver

Persons Appearing: Julia Foy | Michele Brunoro

Broadcast Date: 2003