SPARK. SPARKed - Spark in Education - educational materials and outreach, Volume 1

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Created: 2003


SPARK. SPARKed - Spark in Education - educational materials and outreach, Volume 1
Summary: "SPARK is an innovative multi-platform project of KQED, the San Francisco PBS affiliate, and BAVC (Bay Area Video Coalition) that educates audiences about the Bay Area''s diverse visual and performing arts communities through a TV series, educational outreach (SPARKed), and Web site ( Combining the power of multimedia and education, SPARK is a model for outreach initiatives, launching in the Bay Area at a time when arts and arts education are in need of support and access to wider audiences. SPARK was launched as an audience development tool, and it reached its goals in its first year. The strong storytelling of the weekly ''-hour program takes viewers behind the scenes to see the conflicts and rewards of making art. It also gives viewers in-depth understanding of the creative process, sharing the inspirations and challenges of a diverse array of art forms. "

SPARKed''s resources for educators capitalize on the range of artists featured and the outreach capabilities of the Internet, offering weekly Educator Guides, tools and techniques, professional development, and state, local and national resources. The comprehensive Educator Guides (available as PDFs) include an overview, art historical context, resources, and activities for K-12 teacher-led arts instruction in the arts. The Guides are featured on and downloadable from the Web site the week of broadcast, and then available in an archive with video streaming of the story. The SPARKed Advisory Committee of leading arts educators provides ongoing feedback about the needs of Bay Area communities and how SPARKed''s program addresses them.

"One of SPARKed''s strengths is that it helps educators achieve the California Visual and Performing Arts Standards by providing arts curriculum information correlated specifically to Standard benchmarks. SPARKed trained 372 arts educators in 2003, through outreach to schools and its partnership with The California Arts Project - the professional development arm of the California Dept. of Ed. Based on using SPARK stories and educational materials, the workshops provide hands-on curricula development experience as well as 1 of SPARKed''s DVDs with 8 educational stories. This unparalleled resource brings SPARKs diverse, high-quality programming into the classroom to cultivate long-term appreciation for the arts. Since arts instruction is now mandated in California''s K-12 curriculum, universities are also faced with need to prepare general and subject teachers to teach in the arts. SPARK has also been working with the CSU and UC systems to offer workshops in its pre-service and continuing education programs.

"SPARK''s Web site is a gateway to arts content, offering information about artists and art forms, promoting the educational outreach efforts of arts and arts education organizations, and providing educational materials. It attracts 8,000+ visitors a month, slightly more than the KQED Web site, the leading public broadcasting Internet space.

This disk contains Volume 1 of a three-part set DVD set submitted as part of the program. The DVD's six chapters are: Introduction; Play All Stories; Play Individual Stories; Curriculum Materials; Funders; and Production Credits.

The introduction is a brief musical interlude with an animated graphic for the Spark program. Play All Stories contains the full program of the nine stories featured in the Play Individual Stories.
Play Individual Stories includes nine separate files that can be played individually: Opening Nights - Going for broke with Teatro Vision; Fame - On the streets with installation artist Chris Johanson; Art Meets Nature - "Onetree(s)" public art project with Natalie Jeremijenko; Master Teachers - North Indian master musician Ali Akbar Khan; Collectors and their collections - Making the rounds with Rene di Rosa; Taking Craft to the Limit - Reinventing the art of glass with Nikolas Weinstein; The Next Generation - The power of their words through Youth Speaks; Roots - Finding the aloha spirit with the Hula Halau Aloha Pumehana o'Polynesia; and Solo Acts - Exploring an African-American art form with Derique's hambone.
Curriculum materials refers viewers to PDF files with teacher's guides to each of the programs featured on the DVD. Funders identifies major sponsors of the program, including The William and Flora Hewitt Foundation, the William and Gretchen Kimball Fund, and the Koret Foundation. Numerous additional contributors are also named.
Production Credits contains credits for the collective programs.

Corporate Producers: KQED-TV (Television station : San Francisco, Calif.)

Persons Appearing: Pamela Z | Teatro Vision de San Jose | Chris Johanson | Natalie Jeremijenko | Ali Akbar Khan | Rene di Rosa | Nikolas Weinstein | Derique | Kawika Alfiche | Joshua Redman (Music) | Kronos Quartet (Music) | Matthew Clark (Music) | John Shifflet (Music) | Jason Lewis (Music) | Jondi & Spesh (Music) | Kronos Quartet (Music) | Marginal Prophets (Music) | Melody of China (Music) | David Dower (Narrator)

Broadcast Date: 2003