And Thou Shalt Honor - Caregiving Town Hall Meeting, Caregiver Resource Library, and Website (

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Created: 2003


And Thou Shalt Honor - Caregiving Town Hall Meeting, Caregiver Resource Library, and Website (
Summary: "In a society that celebrates youth and shuns aging, in an age when we have more parents to care for than children, two men set out in 1999 to honor the deaths of their parents by creating the first PBS outreach project devoted to caregiving, And Thou Shalt Honor..., a multi-dimensional educational effort designed to be implemented over several years. Harry Wiland and Dale Bell, caregivers to their own parents for a decade, raised more than $2.5 million from foundations and assembled a distinguished Board of Advisors to guide them. They set out to call attention to the impending healthcare crisis caused by the rising number of Baby Boomers, and to better the lives of those who give and receive care. How we treat our elders defines us as a society. And Thou Shalt Honor... represents their continuing effort to transform how our society honors its frail and infirm. From their collective anger, frustration, and spiritual growth, this PBS Caregiving series was born. Many of their Board of Advisors had wondered when the media was ever going to catch up and focus attention on this critical issue.

"Television programming alone does not change things. Yet, as our nation experienced throughout this last half of the century, public television and community-based outreach can inform, inspire and educate as no other media can.

"And Thou Shalt Honor... consists of the following components: DVD of the two hour program, telecast on PBS October 9, 2002; companion book with Foreword by Rosalynn Carter; web site ( (submitting) a 1,500-community coalition campaign; an 11-volume educational curricula package, the Caregiver Resource Library, distributed to hospitals, schools, agencies, libraries (submitting); and a 15-part series of community-organized Caregiving Town Hall Meetings (the first of which we are also submitting, broadcast on Kansas City's PBS station on September 25, 2003)[.] The Town Hall Meetings will culminate in a national telecast from Washington in early 2005. Included in the Library is a 25-minute film, The GreenHouse Project, that describes an alternative to traditional nursing home institutionalization of elders. We would like to think that And Thou Shalt Honor... has helped to bring attention to the increasingly important issue of caregiving as it affects the needs of our elder and frail populations."--2003 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: Wiland-Bell Productions

Broadcast Date: September 25, 2003

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