Hornblower (Television program). [No. 5, 2001], Mutiny

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Created: 2003


Hornblower (Television program). [No. 5, 2001], Mutiny
Summary: "A&E Television Networks celebrates its 20th Anniversary in March 2004. The merger of the ARTS Channel and the Entertainment Channel in 1984 has led to one of the most successful and award-winning cable networks in the business. A&E, a joint partnership between NBC, Disney-ABC and Hearst Television, has maintained a [commitment] to quality that has helped it garner in the past five years the most Primetime Emmy nominations (73) for a basic cable network. Now reaching more than 85 million homes, A&E Network brings viewers the Art of Entertainment through a unique combination of three genres -- The Art of Biography, The Art of Documentary, and The Art of Drama. A brand synonymous with excellence in television, A&E Network offers a diverse mix of programming ranging from critically acclaimed original series and movies, to innovative documentaries -- to the Emmy Award-winning BIOGRAPHYseries -- to dramatic specials, feature film presentations, and contemporary performances. Attached is more information about A&E's programming and management team, including [its] CEO, Nick Davatzes[,] who has been with the company since its inception."--2003 Peabody Awards entry form.

The Horatio Hornblower series was broadcast as made-for-TV movies between 1998 and 2003. This is the fifth episode of the series, Mutiny. "The year is 1802. Sailing aboard the HMS Renown, Hornblower is eagerly anticipating his latest assignment: subduing the pirate fleet preying on British shipping in the West Indies."--description from DVD cover.

Corporate Producers: Arts and Entertainment Network | United Productions | Meridian Broadcasting

Persons Appearing: Ioan Gruffudd (Cast (Horatio Hornblower)) | Robert Lindsay (Cast (Sir Edward Pellew)) | Jamie Bamber (Cast (Lieutenant Archie Kennedy)) | Paul Copley (Cast (Matthews, Boatswain)) | Sean Gilder (Cast (Styles, Boatswain's Mate)) | Paul McGann (Cast (Lieutenant William Bush))

Broadcast Date: 2001