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Sound and Fury Website
Summary: "SOUND AND FURY takes viewers inside the seldom seen world of the deaf to witness a painful family struggle over a controversial medical technology called the cochlear implant. Some family members celebrate the implant as a long overdue cure for deafness while others fear it will destroy their language and way of life. As SOUND AND FURY explores this seemingly irreconcilable conflict, it uncovers issues of discrimination and acceptance that are relevant to other marginalized minority groups struggling to maintain their pride and identity in the face of a dominant and sometimes insensitive mainstream culture.

"SOUND AND FURY was produced for PBS, but it enjoyed an active life on its way to national public television. Since its completion in January of 2000, SOUND AND FURY played at the Sundance Film Festival and at about two dozen other domestic and international film festivals; it was released in theaters in sixty cities; it received several [prestigious] awards including an Academy Award nomination; and it aired in 23 foreign countries. To extend the reach and impact of SOUND AND FURY we joined forces with the presenting station, Thirteen/WNET, to develop a distribution and community outreach plan. Thirteen's Broadband and Interactive Group designed a Web site which included a timeline of deaf history, a debate over the pros and cons of the cochlear implant, discussion forums, lesson plans for teachers, an introduction to sign language, and an explanation of how the cochlear implant works. Thirteen's Community Outreach Division coordinated community forums in eight major cities to spark further discussion and debate among leaders of the deaf community, educators, medical professionals, and parents of deaf children.

"Since deaf and hard of hearing people rarely attend movies, closed captioned television is the best way to reach this embattled community. These are enormously turbulent times in the world of the deaf, and SOUND AND FURY offered a sorely needed opportunity to encourage greater understanding, tolerance, and acceptance of personal choice."--2001 Peabody Awards entry form.

This is the website for the series. Includes these sections: Deaf Culture; Cochlear Implants; About the Film; Talk About It; Lesson Plans; Resources; Credits.

Corporate Producers: Aronson Film Associates | Public Policy Productions, Inc. | Channel Four (Great Britain) | WNET (Television station : New York, N.Y.) | Public Broadcasting Service (U.S.)

Broadcast Date: 8-Jan-02

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