Divas Live 2001 Save the Music Report Card

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Created: 2001


Divas Live 2001 Save the Music Report Card
Summary: "In 2001, the VH1 Save The Music Foundation (VSTM), through advocacy efforts focused on government relations and public awareness, worked with its partners to highlight the importance of music education on overall academic achievement and social development of children and to influence public policy regarding this issue. This effort was designed to address increasing cuts to public school and music and arts education programs due to the economic downturn.

"Using a combination of on-air broadcasts, local advocacy campaigns, and presentations before political leaders, VSTM empowered local communities to support the public school music programs, influenced public policy and restored music programs in public schools across the country. VSTM was invited to appear before the National Governors Association to highlight music's role in improving low performing schools. In March, VH1 executives and celebrities went to advocate for music's role as a core subject and to gain increased funding for public school music and arts programs. VH1 conducted and televised the first formal interview with the U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige about the role of music education in the Bush Administration's Education Reform Plan. VH1 Save The Music also continued its work at the community level, partnering with VH1 cable affiliates, school officials and corporate sponsors to organize advocacy efforts, public service and awareness campaigns, special on-air programming and local events. VSTM conducted over 30 events at state [capitals] and city halls to promote music education's benefits. In addition, the Foundation provided a music education advocacy 'tool kit' for parents and concerned citizens to use.

"Results for 2001: VH1 Save The Music completed the restoration of instrumental music programs in 254 schools through donations of more than $6.5 million worth of instruments in 43 cities including the entire Buffalo, NY and Newark, NJ Public School systems, making instrumental music education available to ALL their students. Advocacy efforts helped to keep music programs from being cut in dozens of school systems. VSTM's efforts also resulted in the Federal government recognizing music and the arts as core subjects in the new Elementary and Secondary Education Act and led to an increase in federal funding for music and arts education."-2001 Peabody Awards entry form.

This is Divas Live and a report on Save the Music Foundation.

Corporate Producers: VH1 (Firm)

Broadcast Date: 2001