On the Team. [No. 9, 2001-01-30], Practice Makes Perfect

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Created: 2001


On the Team. [No. 9, 2001-01-30], Practice Makes Perfect
Summary: "Chronicling a real-life, co-ed baseball team from Brooklyn, New York, ON THE TEAM follows the Camp Friendship Panthers through an entire baseball season. From the first practice to the last game, viewers witness the players' journeys through personal triumphs and defeats -- the injuries, the recoveries, the laughs, the disappointments, the victories and the life lessons learned along the way. ON THE TEAM is for students in grades 3-6.

"The educational goals of the series are:

  1. To promote positive attitudes towards physical activity and playing on a sports team by demonstrating that:
    • The challenges of physical activity and teamwork yield meaningful rewards - physically, personally and socially
    • Physical activity and teamwork are for everyone, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, appearance or athletic ability
  2. To demonstrate how a sports team operates, and how the responsibilities and experiences of both the individual and the group are relevant to all domains of life. On The Team will:
    • Explore the concepts of team and teamwork, providing illustrations of different ways to cooperate to achieve a common goal, and examine what it means to win and lose, as well as what can be gained by both experiences.
    • Show that making personal sacrifices for the greater good, seeing the world from multiple perspectives and learning respect are the keys to successful team participation.
    • Illustrate the importance of taking responsibility for one's actions, including following through on one's promises and being honest about one's physical limits.
    • Highlight the value of setting goals and developing strategies to achieve them.

"Episode #9: Practice Makes Perfect
This episode focuses on the importance of practice. Coach Bobby spends an entire afternoon teaching the Panthers the proper batting stance. All their hard work pays off at the game against the Sandstones. Despite Aida getting upset that she's not ready to pitch yet, the team is working together and playing well. Stephanie pitches a great game, and Jordan finally gets a hit ending his slump."--2001 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: Hitchhiker Films (Firm) | Noggin (Television channel)

Broadcast Date: 30-Jan-01