Timberwolf press kit

Created: 2001


Timberwolf press kit
Summary: "(Burbank, CA - October 24, 2001) Today, Warner Bros. Online premieres the first of 13 installments of 'Chuck Jones' Timber Wolf,' featuring animation legend Chuck Jones' first original animated characters created for Warner Bros. in more than four decades, at www.warnerbros.com.

"To hear the series' title character, Thomas T. (that's short for Timber) Wolf tell it, he has it all - looks, brains, and a savoir-faire not usually associated with forest-dwelling animals. In each three-to-five minute episode, Thomas and his cohorts slip, skip, and stumble through adventures and eventual predicaments, including Earl the Squirrel's insistence on collecting a $100 bounty for Thomas' tail, a herd of sheep that becomes a little too amorous toward Thomas and Thomas' misadventures in babysitting. And, among all of this bucolic bliss, there's just one catch, involving the utterance of 'Timber' and a slew of falling trees..." -2001 Peabody Awards entry form.

This is a compilation of media stories about the series as follows:

  • BTS presentation (0:06:25)
  • Interview B-roll (0:06:33)
  • Production B-roll (0:04:23)
  • Trailer (0:00:42 / 0:00/30)
  • TV Spot (0:00:15)

Corporate Producers: Warner Bros. Online | Wolf Gang Productions | Atomic Cartoons

Persons Appearing: Joe Alaskey (Cast (Thomas T. Wolf)) | Nancy Cartwright ( Cast (Earl the Squirrel))

Broadcast Date: 2001