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Created: 2001

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Summary: "If there's democracy in storytelling it's on the internet. If there's an openly accessible venue to pass on what we've done before in public radio and to try to make things better, it's there. Our current attempt is (a project of Atlantic Public Media). We call it 'a showcase and workshop for new public radio' and we launched in February. It's a combination library, master class and audition stage. Already, Transom is having a strong impact within the public radio industry and with our audiences. We are often sited as the most exciting new project at the intersection of public radio and the web (see attachments).

"Transom showcases new work from first-time producers and unheard work from established producers. For example, we recently hosted the national premiere of a forty-year-old, and utterly contemporary documentary from Studs Terkel. After that, we featured a piece from a first-time producer in Seattle who used his mini-disc recorder, and skills he picked up at Transom, to craft a remarkable story of his friend's suicide.

"Transom holds or links to virtually all the tools - technical, editorial, philosophical-citizens would need to tell their own radio stories. The site also represents virtual street-level access to national air, as most Transom stories end up adopted by a national public radio program vehicle. An on-air mention of drives listeners back to the web, making a creative circle between the traditional media and the new.

"Each month a new special guest writes a 'manifesto' and hangs around the site, critiquing new work and making conversation. Recent guests: Tony Kahn, Scott Carrier, Paul Tough, The Kitchen Sisters, Sarah Vowell, Studs Terkel, Christopher Lydon, Norman Corwin (see accompanying article). These essays and conversations create a kind of legacy of our broadcast mission, and an invitation to expand upon it.

"Producers and citizens gather at to talk about radio documentary and to try their hands at it. Subjects of documentaries talk to the documentarians and to listeners about editorial and stylistic choices. The site encourages an interactive, self-correcting, open-eared journalism, made possible by the Internet and extended to public radio."-2001 Peabody Awards entry form.

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Corporate Producers: Atlantic Public Media

Broadcast Date: Feb-01