Little Bill. [No. 206, 2001-05-07], Ready, Set, Read! ; I Got a Letter

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Created: 2001


Blue's clues (Television program). [No. 327, 2001-03-19], Stormy Weather
Summary: "Blue's Clues is a 'play-along,' 'think-along' animated series for preschoolers built on the philosophy that television can indeed educate while it entertains. In each episode of Blues Clues, real-life host Steve (Steven Burns) invites young viewers into his computer-animated storybook world to help him and Blue, his energetic girl puppy, solve the day's puzzles. Blue's Clues is designed to develop preschoolers' thinking, reasoning and social skills through an educational approach called 'flexible-thinking,' which is a theory that recognizes that children need to learn how to think, not just what to think. Its innovative approach to television viewing encourages young viewers to play along with the show by presenting them with questions to answer and games to solve, and 'waiting' for their responses.

"In the episode entitled 'Stormy Weather,' Steve and Blue are getting ready for their nature walk -- but first we have to check the weather. We play Blue's Clues to figure out what kind of weather Blue thinks is coming. Along the way, we help Steve the Weatherman report on the weather changes we see from the mudroom window. Then we skidoo into a painting and learn where rain comes from."--2001 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: Nickelodeon (Firm)

Persons Appearing: Steven Burns (Cast (Steve)) | Traci Paige Johnson (Cast (Blue)) | LaNae' Allen (Cast (Side Table Drawer)) | Kathryn Avery (Cast (Tickety Tock)) | Nick Balaban (Cast (Mr. Salt)) | Jenna Marie Castle (Cast (Paprika)) | Marshall Claffy (Cast (Pail)) | Spencer Kayden (Cast (Mrs. Pepper)) | Seth O'Hickory (Cast (Mailbox)) | Cody Ross Pitts (Cast (Slippery)) | Stephen Schmidt (Cast (Shovel)) | Koyalee Chanda (Cast (Magenta))

Broadcast Date: 19-Mar-01

Little Bill. [No. 206, 2001-05-07], Ready, Set, Read! ; I Got a Letter
Summary: "Little Bill is an animated series created by Bill Cosby and based on his children's books. The series investigates life through the eyes of a five-year-old on a quest to understand his world. From making friends to making lunch, Little Bill explores the ordinary and extraordinary events that make up the daily life of a little kid.

"In the episode entitled 'Ready, Set, Read!', Little Bill becomes determined to read in school one day when he is unable to read a joke that has Bobby and April howling. He soon realizes that he already has some valuable reading skills and can even recognize certain words to his favorite storybook. That afternoon, the hard-to-impress Bobby is wowed by his little brother's reading knowledge and they practice their skills together.

"In this episode viewers learn the importance of learning to read, as well as the joys that come of it, a pertinent issue for young children taking their first steps towards achieving that very goal."--2001 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: Nickelodeon (Firm)

Persons Appearing: Ruby Dee (Cast (Alice the Great)) | Gregory Hines (Cast (Big Bill)) | Phylicia Rashad (Cast (Brenda)) | Xavier Pritchett (Cast (Little Bill)) | Monique Beasley (Cast (April)) | Eunice Cho (Cast (Kiku)) | Brenda Denmark (Cast (Mail carrier)) | Cole Hawkins (Cast (Monty)) | Melanie-Nicholls King (Cast (Miss Murray)) | Zachary Tyler (Cast (Andrew)) | Kianna Underwood (Cast (Fuchsia)) | Tyler Williams (Cast (Bobby))

Broadcast Date: 7-May-01