Poor Lue's Almanack. Compilation

Optical Disk
Created: 2001


Poor Lue's Almanack. Compilation
Summary: "Lue Deck, host of Poor Lue's Almanack, a weekly internet-only comedy series broadcasting on NetRadioLive.com, merits Peabody consideration as an individual broadcaster for his unique ability to make listeners smile and laugh about even the darkest news and current events. Lue Deck's weekly broadcasts of Poor Lue's Almanack - self-produced in his Los Angeles home - review the past week's news headlines with an eye for parody, mockery, and outright ridicule. The Almanack is one of the Internet's most entertaining programs, being informative, incisive, humorous, and even inspirational at times. Additionally, the Almanack is offered continuously and free of charge to all Internet-connected listeners worldwide.

"During 2001, Lue Deck produced over twenty audio editions of Poor Lue's Almanack, two of which were recorded live during Lue Deck's standup comedy performances. The Almanack also exists in print, and Lue wrote 47 issues of Poor Lue's Almanack during 2001. Digital copies of the print Almanack - as well as complete archives of the audio Almanack - are available free of charge on NetRadioLive.com. In 2001, thousands of listeners in over 16 countries tuned in to Poor Lue's Alamanack, for the unique brand of relevant, close-to-home comedy that only Lue Deck can deliver.

"Yet, it is for more than these accomplishments that we request the consideration of Lue Deck and Poor Lue's Alamanack for a Peabody Award. In the wake of September 11th and the terrorist attacks on the United States, Lue Deck produced a show designed not to elicit laughter from the audience, but to lift the spirits of a nation - and a world - left in shock and disbelief as freedom came under attack. This show, called 'Concerto 9/11,' was a profound message of strength in the face of evil, and it triggered many calls and emails to the NetRadioLive.com network from appreciative listeners. It is for his creation of the Concerto, in addition to his consistent excellence with his unique Internet-only comedy show, that we respectfully request the consideration of Lue Deck and Poor Lue's Alamanack for an individual Peabody Award.

"All editions of Poor Lue's Alamanack are available for your review at http://www.netradiolive.com/poorlue.html. Please see attachments A and B, as well as the included CDs, for more support. Thank you for your consideration."-2001 Peabody Awards entry form.

This is episodes 1-19 and three feature performances. Episodes:

  1. Dow drops faster than Mir
  2. Dubya's Eco-challenge
  3. Is Chinese food the second evil empire?
  4. Jr.'s SURPRIS-edentcy
  5. Americans love gridlock
  6. Day 100 - Voters still held hostage
  7. Who's really in charge?
  8. Lights are off and everybody's home
  9. Maybe Jr.'s just playing dumb
  10. Just stay on vacation
  11. Jr. of a thousand faces
  12. Sharks 19- People 2
  13. Those f** bastards
  14. Remind me- what was normal?
  15. Worried we stand
  16. In cipro we trust
  17. Kabul goes kaboom
  18. Evildoers ske-daddle
  19. The Taliban don't surf

Live: The Almanck at the Comedy Caravan
Live: The funniest set on the net
Concerto 9/11

Corporate Producers: NetMediaLive Productions | NetRadioLive.com | Red Shoes, Inc.

Persons Appearing: Lue Deck

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