The Journey of Sir Douglas Fir: A Reader's Musical soundtrack

Optical Disk
Created: 2001


The Journey of Sir Douglas Fir: A Reader's Musical soundtrack
Summary: "Big enough for a symphony. Small enough for a child. The first full-length, original, children's symphonic story since Peter and the Wolf (1948), the award-winning Journey of Sir Douglas Fir: A Reader's Musical had its World Orchestral Premiere in Atlanta Symphony Hall at the Woodruff Arts Center on March 4, 2001. Using the arts and the artistic process to encourage literacy for young children, this unique Broadway-style, mini-musical about adjusting to life's transitions was videotaped before a life audience for Georgia Public Television (GPTV) and combined eight lead comic actors with a 64-member Atlanta GRAMMY Chorus and the acclaimed 120-member Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra. The charming reader's musical, which purposefully uses English subtitles despite a spoken English performance, was originally broadcast on Earth Day, April 22, 2001 and will be nationally syndicated by America Public Television in the spring of 2002. A performance package and lesson plans are also available for elementary and middle schools that wish to use The Journey of Sir Douglas Fir: A Reader's Musical for educational purposes and fundraising."--2001 Peabody Awards entry form.

This is the soundtrack.

Corporate Producers: Sir Fir Books & Music (Firm)

Persons Appearing: Tom Key (Narrator) | Ric Reitz (Cast (Sir Douglas Fir)) | Johnny Cenicola (Cast (Earl Squirrel)) | Libby Whittemore (Cast (Twiglet #1, Rona Redbreast, Mrs. O'Deer, Queen's Representative)) | Bart Hansard (Cast (Twiglet #2, Bully Bear, Mill Boss)) | Rob Cleveland (Cast (Ranger, Skunk Brother #1, Conductor)) | Mike Pniewski (Cast (Monk the Skunk)) | Chris Ekholm (Cast (Foley Operator, Cedrick the Otter, Skunk Brother #2)) | Jere Flint (Cast (Conductor #2)) | Jan Smith (Cast (Female soloist)) | Adam Laven McKnight (Cast (Male soloist))

Broadcast Date: 22-Apr-01