True Life. [2000], I'm a Candidate

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Betacam SP
Created: 2000


True Life. [2000], I'm a Candidate
Summary: "For the third consecutive Presidential election cycle, MTV and its affiliates renewed their commitment to informing young people about the political process, the presidential election and registering them to vote with Choose or Lose 2000 -- the network's political awareness campaign. In partnership with Youth Vote 2000 Coalition, Choose or Lose 2000 helped register more than 1 million young voters, not only defying expectations but registering more voters than in the previous two elections combined.

"This year's campaign included news segments, issue-oriented news specials, interviews with the candidates, town halls, concerts with top artists, massive grass-roots voter registration events, unprecedented online components, extensive coverage of the primary season and party conventions, and culminated with an election wrap-up special."--2000 Peabody entry form.

This is "I'm a Candidate," an episode of the True Life series. " Choose or Lose, in partnership with Pew Charitable Trusts, goes behind the scenes and follows the trials and tribulations of two young, untested candidates for United State House of Representatives."--accompanying material.

Corporate Producers: MTV Networks

Persons Appearing: Erica Terry (Reporter) | John Norris (Correspondent) | Tamala Edwards (Reporter) | Al Gore

Broadcast Date: 2000