La Familia Unida Esperanza En la Vida. Por Mi Culpa / Invita a la Vecina

Optical Disk
Created: 2000


La Familia Unida Esperanza En la Vida. Por Mi Culpa / Invita a la Vecina
Summary: "The TV and Radio PSA's campaign focusing on love and hope. A yearlong campaign for the Catholic Communication Campaign to reach the Hispanic Community. The PSAs talk about how a family who is united has more strength to face problems of serious concern in our society, including domestic and gang violence, substance abuse, discrimination, consumerism and lack of communication.

"The 60 second Radio and TV PSAs were produced in the traditional 'telenovela' style so popular among Latino audiences. Top Hispanic talent was used to produce mini dramas recreating situations faced by Hispanics in the U.S. The TV PSAs were shot on 16mm film, and have been distributed to all 60 Hispanic TV stations in the U.S. and to over 300 stations in Latin America, Spain and Africa. Sigma tracking reveals a high success rate of acceptance by the U.S. Latino audience. The radio series is being broadcast on 430 Latino radio stations in the country and is reaching the top 20 Latino markets in the U.S."--2000 Peabody entry form.

This is two radio PSAs, "Por Mi Culpa" and "Invita a la Vecina."

Corporate Producers: Accent Media Productions, Inc. | Catholic Communication Campaign

Broadcast Date: 2000