The Ride

Optical Disk
Created: 2000


The Ride
Summary: "Danny's Ride was [an] eight week journey of hope. Danny Leonard, a cancer survivor following his dream, making his way across America on a bicycle. Danny peddled over 3000 miles cross-country alerting people about the need for early cancer screening. WCSC-TV provided daily updates on Danny and his crew on Live Five News and on our Web Site WCSC.COM. Danny touched thousands of lives on his trip through the media and by speaking at rallies set up by The American Cancer Society. Danny also communicated with cancer patients by E Mail during and after his journey showing that there is still life after cancer. WCSC-TV culminated our coverage with a 30 minute special, 'Danny's Ride' which aired Sunday May 28th at 6:30 pm the day after Danny and his crew returned home."--2000 Peabody Digest.

This is an audio CD with a message from Danny Leonard and two songs composed and performed by Danny O'Lannerghty, 'The Ride' and 'Coast 2 Coast.'

Corporate Producers: WCSC-TV (Television station : Charleston, S.C.)

Persons Appearing: Danny Leonard (Subject)

Broadcast Date: 2000