20/20 (Television program). [2000-06-28--excerpt], Justice at Last?

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20/20 (Television program). [2000-06-28--excerpt], Justice at Last?
Summary: "Justice At Last' is a follow-up investigation of two unsolved civil rights murder cases in the Deep South dating back to the mid-1960's. Justice At Last' is the second installment of a year-long journalistic investigation on this subject. What separates this program from previous reports on the subject is the fact that the 20/20 investigation resulted in an FBI investigation, grand jury indictment and an arrest in a murder case that had been dormant for more than thirty years. The pending trial of a former Klansman-- Ernest Avants -- in the 1966 murder in Southern Mississippi of an African-American farmhand -- Ben Chester White -- is the first known case of a federal murder indictment in a 1960's-era civil rights murder investigation.

"Justice At Last' opens with substantial new reporting on the unsolved 1964 murder of two 19 year old African-American men, Charles Moore and Henry Dee. The 20/20 investigation obtained an unredacted copy of a 900+ page FBI file that was previously believed by the FBI to have been destroyed. In researching this file, we uncovered an anonymous informant's reports of the confession of several Klansmen in the Moore-Dee murders. Further reporting revealed the identity of the informant -- a one-time KKK leader who we located and who agreed to go public for the first time with his story -- a confession of 36-years torment. As a direct result of the broadcast of Justice At Last' the FBI has reactivated the Moore-Dee investigation, which had been inactive for more than three decades. " Justice At Last' was inspired by the substantial public and government response to the original broadcast of Justice Delayed -- a program which revealed failings in the justice system in several civil rights-era murders. That report prompted actions by the Department of Justice and the FBI to renew the White investigation. Justice At Last' continues the journalistic investigation while reporting the ongoing developments and generating substantial new information via documents and interviews."--2000 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: ABC News | ABC Television Network

Persons Appearing: Connie Chung (Correspondent) | Harry Phillips (Reporter) | Don Simonton (Reporter) | Jason Rovou (Reporter) | David Byrd (Reporter) | Thomas Moore (Interviewee) | Ernest Gilbert (Interviewee) | James Seale (Interviewee) | Ernest Avants (Interviewee) | J.T. Robinson (Interviewee) | Jerry Mitchell (Interviewee) | Jim Ingram (Interviewee) | Charles Edwards (Interviewee) | Jesse White (Interviewee) | Ray Colter (Interviewee) | John Dawson (Interviewee) | Alan Kornblum (Interviewee) | Ron Rychlak (Interviewee)

Broadcast Date: 14-Jun-00

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