20/20 (Television program). [2000-06-28--excerpt], The Informant's Secrets

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Created: 2000


20/20 (Television program). [2000-06-28--excerpt], The Informant's Secrets
Summary: "'The Informant's Secrets' provides an in-depth look into the shadowy world of government informants, and examines what happens when a star informant lies on the stand while the government looks the other way. For 16 years, Andrew Chambers was the DEA's secret weapon in the War on Drugs, helping the billion dollar agency convict 445 drug dealers and seize tens of millions of dollars worth of drugs. But when a federal public defender realized Chambers had lied on the stand in more than a dozen cases, he was determined to expose the government's 'win at all costs' attitude. Valuing convictions over truth will 'trample everyone's rights, not just the targets of Mr. Chambers,' he said.

"This story is a classic struggle between truth and justice, but ironically both Chambers and public defender Dean Steward are trying to defend American values: Chambers says he's just trying to put the bad guys in jail; Steward believes it's better to let guilty men go free than send an innocent man to jail, and fears the informant's lies will pervert our system of justice.

"The questions raised also go to the heart of the government's willingness to use informants without closely monitoring their actions, and then overlook their transgressions (and even protect them) as long as they are productive, thereby subverting the justice government officials are sworn to uphold."--2000 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: ABC News | ABC Television Network

Persons Appearing: Connie Chung (Correspondent) | Andrew Chambers (Interviewee) | Richard Fiano (Interviewee) | Dean Steward (Interviewee) | Ricky Bane (Interviewee) | Phyllis Brasch-Librach (Interviewee) | Michael Sorkin (Interviewee) | Mark Makholm (Interviewee)

Broadcast Date: 28-Jun-00

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