Ricki Lake Teen Pregnancy PSA [for radio]

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Created: 2000


Ricki Lake Teen Pregnancy PSA [for radio]
Summary: "Ricki Lake has teamed up with an exceptional organization, The National Campaign to prevent Teen Pregnancy, in their mission to get an important message out to teenage girls across the country. By using her celebrity to help others, Ricki's partnership with the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy has lent a higher profile to the already renowned organization. Most recently, Ricki produced three hard-hitting, informative and educational Public Service Announcements for the campaign, the first of which debuted on 'The View.' All three PSAs are incorporated into every episode of 'Ricki' that touches upon teen pregnancy. All of the Public Service Announcements have been sent to 'Ricki's' affiliates around the country to run on their stations. The PSAs were also distributed to radio stations for air, nationwide.

"During the first PSA, Ricki spells out the life-altering consequences of having a baby. Specifically, she talks about having to change sleeping habits, friends, schools -- and most significant of all -- dreams for the future. The second Public Service Announcement focuses on romantic teen angst, addressing the thought process, 'If you do it, he'll love you.' The third PSA details the incredible time burden a baby presents by comparing it to having a 24-hour job, seven days a week, with no pay."--2000 Peabody entry form."--2000 Peabody entry form.

This is the radio version of the PSA.

Corporate Producers: Garth Ancier Company | TriStar Television | Beantown Productions | National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Persons Appearing: Ricki Lake

Broadcast Date: 2000-11-24