Stories From the Wall

Moving Image
Betacam SP
Created: 2000


Stories From the Wall

"Since the dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in November 1982, the Wall in Washington, D.C. has been revisited by many millions of people, including hundreds of thousands who have made the Wall a special place of pilgrimage and an occasion for healing. In telling some of these stories from the Wall, this hour explores the legacy of the War for those who fought, their families, and the nation. For some, a visit to the Wall comes at the end of a long journey back from Vietnam; for others it is just a beginning. Many leave something important at the Wall - an object, a part of themselves; others take home a new sense of peace or hope.

"This hour focuses on the experience of the men and women who served, not on the politics of war, veterans issues, or the memorial itself, whose controversial design initially set off a heated debate. Most of the stories show people deeply affected by the war whose ongoing journey toward reconciliation takes them to the Wall at one time or another - or maybe many times."--2000 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: ABC News

Broadcast Date: 2000-05-29