Dragon Tales. [No. 120W, 2000-11-17]

Moving Image
Betacam SP
Created: 2000


Dragon Tales. [No. 120W, 2000-11-17]

"Dragon Tales creates an enchanting world and invites viewers to play and learn along with six-year-old Emmy, her four-year-old brother Max and their dragon friends as they take on a variety of challenges. The setting is magical but the challenges are ones that young children are facing in their own lives such as social challenges (getting along with friends); emotional challenges (handling rejection); physical challenges (learning to ride a bike); and cognitive challenges (following directions). Each half-hour is divided into two exciting twelve-minute [adventures] linked by Dragon Tunes--a two-minute music video led by our dragon friends designed to encourage audience participation.

"Dragon Tales stands alone as the only television show to encourage children to try, and to value the process of trying, whether or not it ultimately results in success. Coupled with characters children have take to heart, Dragon Tales offers preschoolers a collection of strategies for meeting the challenges of everyday life. The series' strong and simple messages are extended and deepened through a variety of media."--2000 Peabody entry form.

Corporate Producers: Sesame Workshop | Sony Pictures Family Entertainment Group | Public Broadcasting Service (U.S.)

Broadcast Date: 2000-11-17