School Sleuth: The Case of an Excellent School

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Betacam SP
Created: 2000


School Sleuth: The Case of an Excellent School
Summary: "Based on years of reporting in schools all over the country School Sleuthreveals that there are three kinds of public schools, those that are bad, merely 'good enough,' and excellent. While most American public schools fall into the 'good enough' category, our 'school sleuth' discovers that satisfaction with being 'good enough' stands in the way of excellence. Many students at 'good enough' schools perform well enough on standardized tests, the school itself is not falling apart, and there are teachers in every classroom. But these conditions alone do not guarantee that most students are learning anything of value. The program probes five aspects of schooling in its search for excellence: safety, the curriculum, the physical environment, the adults in the building, and the school's sense of purpose. The program is framed in a lively and entertaining way. In a parody of film noir, John Merrow becomes a 'school sleuth,' a private detective hired by a mother to solve 'The Case of an Excellent School.' These light-hearted scenes are sprinkled throughout the program and help to bring home a serious point: there are many more ways to evaluate schools than examining test scores and college acceptance rates."--2000 Peabody entry form.

Corporate Producers: Learning Matters (Firm) | Public Broadcasting Service (U.S.)

Persons Appearing: John Merrow (Host; Narrator) | Eliza Foss (Actress) | Peter O'Hara (Actor) | Lisa Deplit (Interviewee) | Luyen Chou (Interviewee) | Ted Sizer (Interviewee) | Deborah Meier (Interviewee) | Jessica Wilbert (Interviewee) | E.D. Hirsch, Jr. (Interviewee) | Alfie Kohn (Interviewee) | Richard Ingersoll (Interviewee) | Michael Cartwright (Interviewee) | Reid Sechan (Interviewee) | Monty Neill (Interviewee) | Arnold Packer (Interviewee) | Nancy Caruso (Interviewee) | Marsha Capuano (Interviewee) | Louis V. Gerstner (Interviewee) | Lauren Resnick (Interviewee) | Chip Nyan (Interviewee) | James Comer (Interviewee) | Henry Levin (Interviewee) | Robert Slavin (Interviewee)

Broadcast Date: 2000-11-02