Chuck Kraemer Composite

Moving Image
Betacam SP
Created: 2000


Chuck Kraemer Composite
Summary: "All of these pieces were written, produced, performed, photographed and edited by Chuck Kraemer, using lightweight, inexpensive video gear that did not exist ten years ago. Kraemer considers such gear a small revolution in television news production, making it possible to be the true author of one's work, and to do many kinds of stories that were simply not affordable before the advent of small digital cameras and desktop computer editing. For example, in several pieces here Kraemer plays two characters, both onscreen at once, with no visible seam studio time. Today, it's a standard tool in editing software costing less than $600.

"Kraemer uses his one-man band system for both documentary stories and scripted, performed commentaries, but this entry consists almost entirely of the latter. Nine pieces in all, as listed below. All pieces aired originally on 'Greater Boston' on WGBH, Channel 2, Boston, in the year 2000. On tape, each piece is proceeded by a brief title, which re-creates the gist of the original anchor introduction.''

Summer Reading, July 20, 3:10
'The Little Dig, March 2, 4:35
Mystic Voyage, September 28, 5:10
Foo On The Funnies, October 12, 4:35
'Bank Hell, April 20, 4:20
'Memory Loss, February 24, 3:41
Antique Tech, June 22, 3:35
Poor House, October 26, 4:45
Ice Cream Police, June 29, 3:50.''--2000 Peabody Awards entry form.

Corporate Producers: WGBH (Television station : Boston, Mass.)

Persons Appearing: Chuck Kraemer

Broadcast Date: 2000-02-24 -- 1000-10-26